About Two Crows Studio


The studio was named after two adorable fledglings Kathleen encountered at the Woodland Park Zoo. There is an old rhyme with the words "two crows for joy" so Kathleen thought it an appropriate name for her studio; creating her paintings is a joyful experience for Kathleen, and it is her intention to inspire joy in the world with her work.

Kathleen A. Johnson's Artist Statement

Kathleen A. Johnson’s lifelong reverence for nature is evident in her art. The making and sharing of her art has enhanced her feeling of connection to nature. The patterns of man-made objects can also be appealing and offer a contrast to her natural subjects. Kathleen says “One of the greatest gifts is to be able to appreciate the vast beauty of our universe and feel our connection to it all – it is at once an empowering and humbling experience.”

In her work, Kathleen seeks to inspire joy and appreciation of the wonders accessible to us all when we take the time to notice. Kathleen infuses her work with color, humor, and the affection she has for her subjects. “Something is sparked in me when I encounter my subjects, and I try to share that feeling in my art,” explains Kathleen.

In her work, Kathleen paints primarily in acrylic on paper, board, and canvas. She has also explored photography and computer-based tools to create pieces that are a combination of photography and painting. 

Edmonds, Washington artist, Kathleen A. Johnson’s work has been featured in a number of juried exhibitions, art shows, and galleries, and she has been honored with several awards.

Kathleen A. Johnson is a charter member of Seattle Print ArtsSeattleArtists.com, and the Edmonds Art Studio Tour.

Kathleen is also a member of Gallery NorthArtistsConnect and Artist Trust.